Stress Management


Do you have trouble sleeping or difficulty concentrating? Do you suffer from headaches or muscle pain? Have you experienced a loss of appetite or worry constantly, anger more quickly or act unreasonably? If you recognise any of these symptoms, then you could be suffering from stress. Stress can be triggered by work, relationship or money worries and then gets in the way of resolving these problems, affecting how a person thinks, feels, behaves and even how their body works. It surfaces when we are under too much mental or emotional pressure, which turns into stress when we feel unable to cope. The Community Programme can provide details of who to contact for all of the information and support to help you manage stress more effectively.


This includes powerful strategies to help you manage stress and practical advice on learning how to relax, take more exercise and eat well.


The Community Programme can also put you in touch with support groups in your area where you can meet others overcoming stress and professionals providing emotional support and counselling. Similarly, you can discuss your issues on our free, confidential online forum.


If you need practical help and support or specialist advice with this issue, please act now and contact one of the organisations listed by The Community Programme.


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