Teenage Problems

teenage problems.jpgBeing a teenager today can be very hard. There can seem to be pressures from all angles: parents and family, friends and peers, school teachers and others, also, the things seen and heard every day on TV, in magazines or online can often add to the problems that teenagers face. If you’re a teenager looking for help or someone to talk to about your problems, or if you’re currently parenting teenagers and not sure where to turn for advice, then The Community Programme can put you in touch with the many services offering support and advice on how to survive and enjoy the teenage years.


This includes information on health, weight and body image issues, including specialist help with issues such as anorexia or bulimia; guidance on relationship issues including sex, sexuality and teenage pregnancy; support with exam stress, bullying, violence, depression, family problems and more; and facts on drugs and alcohol. The Community Programme will enable you to find exactly the help, advice and direction that you need.


As a teenager, you might think that you’re only one facing these problems, but The Community Programme will help you find local support groups where you can meet others overcoming similar problems and access the practical help available near you.


If you need practical help and support or specialist advice with any problem, please act now and contact one of the organisations listed by The Community Programme.


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