Housing, Benefits


housing and benefits.jpgIf you are looking for any housing information or advice, whether this is advice on any assistance or benefits to which you might be entitled, such as help with rent of mortgage payments or help with other household bills and outgoings, then The Community Programme can help you to access the many housing services and organisations providing advice, help, guidance and support to both homeowners and tenants alike, as well as those currently without accommodation.


This could be information on housing benefit, council tax benefit, discretionary housing payments (DHPs), support for mortgage interest (SMI) payments or social fund grants and loans; guidance on housing rights and responsibilities and help on handling problems to avoid losing you home either through eviction or repossession, such as paying off rent arrears or managing your mortgage; help with problems where you live including disputes with neighbours, and environmental and anti-social behaviour; or advice on finding accommodation, how to go about renting or buying a property or simply finding somewhere to live.


The Community Programme will also help you to locate support groups in your area so that you can talk with and get help from others in the same boat. 


If you need practical help and support or specialist advice on clearing debt, please act now and contact one of the organisations listed by The Community Programme.

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