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Kidz Aware
Suite three
Bizz space Buissness centre
West Yorkshire
West Yorkshire

Phone: 01924 376882
Email: sabrina@kidzaware.co.uk
Web: www.kidzaware.co.uk

Registered Charity Number: 1118859
Category: Disability, Bullying, Mental Illness, Education & Training (Adult), Equality, Health Advice (Child), Health Advice (Women)

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Kidz Aware

We are a registered charity based in Lupset and our social mission is to ensure that all children with disabilities have the opportunities to achieve their aspirations in life.

In pursuit of our social mission, we have developed the following key aims

We do this by providing the following services


Family support



Our Diversity Programmes


Count me in

This programme focuses on helping young children understand more about a range of disabilities. The aim of the programme is to help children feel more comfortable and confident about speaking to and interacting with children who have disabilities.


Each of the puppets has a different disability and the children are encouraged to interact with the puppets and ask them questions. This programme also involves various props and aids that disabled people use in their daily lives.


The children are able to try these props and aids to understand the benefits they have for disabled people. Before the end of the programme we involve the children in our Count Me In song and have a recap discussion to see what they have remembered. Each child is given a free bookmark so that they can always remember each puppet.


Lets Prevent Bullying

As per the title, this programme aims to help children understand about the different kinds of bullying, the impact that this can have and how they can help to prevent it.

In this programme we use the puppets to portray them as both the victims and perpetrators of bullying.


The puppets are used to highlight issues of physical bullying, verbal bullying and cyber bullying. Some of the reasons why people are bullied are discussed.

This includes issues about people’s appearance, disabilities, race and even just their accent. During this programme there is plenty of interactive group discussions, a quiz, questions and answers and our Lets Prevent Bullying song.

 ACCepting difference

This programme is aimed at older children and covers issues of disability, bullying and racism.


The programme starts with an interactive quiz to open up discussions.

The programme also includes a range of scenarios and real-life letters that we have received from young people about the challenges they have faced because of disability, bullying or race.


At the end of this session each child is given a book mark and information about how to get help and what to do in certain situations.




Our training to date has been delivered to parents, community groups professionals. Our training also includes delivering workshops and talks. Delivery of training sessions around Diversity Equality and Health